Sunsia’s work for European companies

Africa is a continent with enormous potential. The speed of development offers huge opportunities for high revenues. Many well-qualified African private companies offer good options for co-operation.

Yet, doing business with the African continent is complex. How to find the right public contacts and reliable business partners? How to obtain financing for high-risk operations?
How to cope with bureaucracy and corruption?

Sunsia is a well-established professional partner for companies that get confronted with these issues. With it’s extensive African network and it’s unique competences, Sunsia helps unlocking Africa.

To European companies, we offer a series of services, varying from partnersearch and match making, export and sourcing strategies, market surveys and feasibility studies, finding and obtaining financing and funding, assistance in administrative procedures to project implementation and technical assistance.

Besides our individual assignments, we organize collective programs for European companies. Think of public-private partnerships, outgoing and incoming trade missions, trade fair participation et cetera.

If you would like to see what we have accomplished for our clients, please have a look at our listing of projects and references.